How to create custom rules in Outlook (2021)

Rules allow you to move, flag, and respond to email messages automatically. Right-click on an existing message then select Rules > Create Rule. There are several options for setting rules. Let’s create one, moving all emails with the subject line “Approval Request” to a specific folder.

Check the box for “Subject contains” and enter or change the text if you need to. Check Move item to the folder and then choose a folder, or create a new one. Select OK to close the dialog box. Then select OK again to create the rule. You can use the rule right away by checking the “Run this rule” box, then selecting OK.

And your emails—and any future ones fitting the rule—will be moved. Outlook provides a range of templates you can use to change or create rules. Select File > Manage Rules & Alerts > New Rule. For this example, let’s select “Flag messages from someone for follow-up.” Rule descriptions underlined in blue can be edited.

Let’s select “people or public group.” Double-click a contact, then select OK. Select “follow up at this time” to set a reminder and select OK. Then select Next. Here you can put limitations on the rule, like only specific words. Check the box in

Step 1. then the “specific words” link in

Step 2. and add the words. Then select Add > OK. Select Next. And you can add exceptions to the rule, Such as when your name appears in the CC box.

Step 3. Select Next.

Step 4. You can name your rule for reference, check “Run this rule now” if you want, and select Finish.

Note that certain rules will only run when Outlook is on. Select OK. Then select OK to exit. And your emails are flagged, as will any future ones fitting the rule.

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