Best tips and tricks for better Teams meetings (2021)

When you’re in a Microsoft Teams meeting, there are many ways to enhance and customize your experience. Turn on your video to connect face to face with your team. Hover overturn the camera on to preview your video.

If you want to change what appears behind you, select blur my background to blur it or select more background effects to choose from more options. Preview of you. When you’re ready, choose one and select apply and turn on video. Need to present to your team? Select share content to share your screen.

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You can present your entire desktop, a window, a PowerPoint file or a Whiteboard, and don’t forget to unmute before you start speaking. If you’re listening to a presenter, raise a virtual hand to let others know you want to speak up without interrupting the conversation, go to reactions and select raise hand from the meeting controls and people see that your hand’s raised. Like what someone said?

Show how you feel. Select reactions and choose one like heart or applause. When a featured speaker is talking, spotlight their video to make it the main one everyone sees.

  • Right click who you want.
  • select spotlight and select spotlight once more to confirm.
  • There are several different video layouts to choose for your meeting.
  • Gallery view is the default one when you first join.

If there are more than nine people, Teams prioritize anyone with their video turned on or those speaking the most. To feel like you’re in the same shared space with everyone in the meeting, select more options, together mode, and pick a scene.

And if you need a space for more focused discussions,

  • Select breakout rooms to create smaller groups.
  • choose how many rooms you need and how to assign participants.
  • then select create rooms, start rooms.

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