How to edit videos on iPhone using Kinemaster?


In this new tutorial, I want to show you how to create a cool, easy project, but this time using an Android phone.

Have you taken some selfies, family photos or creative portraits that you would like to share in your social media?

Well, KineMaster has your back because with Get Projects, we will learn a creative and easy way to put those photos together

on a small clip and share it on your social media accounts like Instagram Stories or TikTok.

Let’s open the KineMaster app and go to Get Projects.

In this new window, you will find a variety of projects that you can use to create your own version of them.

Now select the Minimal category at the top, and we will be using the project Street Theme.

You can easily watch a preview by tapping on it.

Let’s proceed to download it.

Once it downloads, you will see it in your list of projects.

Let’s tap on it and it will ask you to download the Assets that you are going to use in this video.

So select Download All and the project will open.

Since we are on an Android phone, let me explain a couple of differences you will find between this and an iOS device.

The first one is when you add a photo or video to your project by selecting Media,

you will see all videos and images combined,

If you would like to sort by images only, tap in this icon at the top right and then select the image icon.

For videos, select the video icon.

The white folders store the assets from KineMaster,

and if you want to select an image from your phone’s gallery,

in my case I would need to access the camera folder.

Another difference is when you select your image,

you have two ways to see the list of options by clicking these two buttons at the bottom.

One of them will show you just the icons and the other one will show you the icons with their names.

This project is very simple. It consists of five images connected by some cool transitions and music in the background.

All we have to do is replace the current images with one saved on our album.

To do that tap on an image, then tap this button and finally select your image.

Let’s repeat this process a few times.

Now that all the images are replaced, let’s adjust the Pan and Zoom for each one of them so the images fit in the screen.

To do it, select one image, then select this icon, make sure the start and end are selected.

And finally, double tap on the screen for the image to fit.

Let’s do this for all images.


Now let’s preview the video by tapping and holding the play button.

I think I would like to make one more change, which is switching the music.

To do that, select the song, and then at the top right select this icon to replace the music.

And in my case, I will be using the Boracay Breeze.

Now, let’s preview the final video.

That’s it!

How easy and simple was that?

Now let’s save the final video to your gallery by tapping on this icon at the top right.

Then select your download settings and finally tap Save.

You can also save your project as .Kine file,

which saves your entire project, including assets, images, etc as a backup.

You can share this file with other devices and open it if KineMaster is downloaded.

To do this, go to your list of projects, tap and hold on your project and select Export Project (.kine file).

Now in this next step, you will save your project in your phone’s file manager.

In my case, I will place it inside the folder KineMaster and projects.

Depending on the brand of your phone, the way to access your files may be a bit different.

In my case, I go to the application called File Manager, then KineMaster and finally projects.

Then I can see the .Kine file I just saved. If I want to reopen it as a new project in KineMaster,

all I have to do is select it, tap on Send at the bottom and select KineMaster.

Then the project will open automatically.

I hope this video was very helpful!

I will keep doing videos of my Android phone for all the Android users out there.

But remember, at the end of the day, everything is similar except for the way you manage your files.

I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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